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Prevelle in Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

What is Prevelle®?

Prevelle® a new and exciting hyaluronic acid (HA) gel, is injected just under the skin's surface to temporarily fill wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Prevelle® has proven to be effective in smoothing lines and wrinkles with minimal irritation. Prevelle® does not contain animal products and no pre-testing is necessary before use. Prevelle® consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance already found in your body. In most cases, you can be treated with Prevelle® during your very first visit. A non-surgical treatment for wrinkles with soft, natural results and convenient, same day procedure. Ideal for delicate skin area and has little to no downtime.

A smooth gel dermal filler, Prevelle® is used to instantly smooth away moderate facial wrinkles and folds, perioral lines such as smoker’s lines, prejowl areas, cheeks, under eyes and lips. One treatment from Dr. Hovsepian can give you smooth and natural-looking results lasting up to a year.

Prevelle® is infused with lidocaine to improve your comfort level during the treatment performed by Dr. Hovsepian, and provides you the smooth results you expect from an injectable filler, with the improved comfort you desire.

What are Common Uses for Prevelle®?

Prevelle® is used in the same way as Restylane® and Perlane®. Dr. Hovsepian most commonly treats areas of injection in the lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, frown lines, forehead lines, hollows above and below the eyelids, and hollows in the temporal area just outside of the eyebrows. Prevelle® dermal filler can also be used to raise the eyebrows, soften the chin fold, improve the appearance of acne scars, improve nasal deformities, and treat various contour deformities from trauma, surgery, or syndromes of soft tissue atrophy. Prevelle® is the non-surgical facelift.

How is the Prevelle® Treatment Performed?

Prevelle® is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with the use of a very fine needle. Prior to treatment, the area is made numb with a topical or injectable anesthetic and no sedation or heavy anesthesia is required.

When you meet with Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills or Newport Beach office, he will assess your needs carefully before guiding you toward an aesthetic enhancement plan that matches your desires. For some patients, it may be more appropriate to combine Prevelle® with another skin care or rejuvenation treatment.

Getting Started

Dr. Hovsepian is dedicated to providing you the best possible care and utilizing the most innovative advancements in non-invasive anti-wrinkle and anti-aging techniques such as Prevelle®. To find out more about Prevelle® and other non-invasive treatment options provided by Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills or Newport Beach office, please request your consultation online or by telephone.