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Perlane in Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

What is Perlane®?

Perlane® is a non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid gel, which means Perlane® contains absolutely no animal products. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring substance found in the skin, Perlane® is completely biocompatible with human hyaluronic acid. Also in the Restylane® family, Perlane® dermal filler is very similar but has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid and is used for deeper folds.

How Does Perlane® Work?

Unlike Botox® Cosmetic which softens wrinkles and facial lines by working on the underlying muscles, Perlane® works directly on the skin by filling in the wrinkles or adding volume to a region of the face. Because it is not derived from animal tissues, it poses no risk of allergy and can thus be injected without any prior testing.

Perlane® dermal filler is not permanent; it is slowly broken down and absorbed by the body. This process takes 6-12 months but depends on the location treated and the injection technique. For instance, injections to soften the groove below the lower eyelid can last much longer than 1 year, whereas injections into the lips can dissipate in less than 6 months. Having a second treatment before the product has fully dissipated may enhance the effect and require a much smaller amount for the second treatment. Among the temporary fillers available today, it has the most prolonged effects.

What are Common Uses for Perlane®?

Dr. Hovsepian commonly uses Perlane® dermal filler for lip augmentation, to diminish facial depressions, to raise the eyebrows, soften the chin fold, improve the appearance of acne scars, improve nasal deformities, and treats various contour deformities from trauma, surgery, or syndromes of soft tissue atrophy.

How is Perlane® Treatment Performed?

Perlane® is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with the use of a very fine needle. Prior to treatment, the area is made numb with a topical or injectable anesthetic and no sedation or heavy anesthesia is required.

When you meet with Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills or Newport Beach office, he will assess your needs carefully before guiding you toward an aesthetic enhancement plan that matches your desires. For some patients, it may be more appropriate to combine Perlane® with another skin care or rejuvenation treatment.

Getting Started

To find out more about Perlane® and other non-invasive treatment options provided by Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills or Newport Beach office, please request your consultation online or by telephone.