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Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

You love being a mother and all the joy it brings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love your body again. You devote so much of yourself to your children and sometimes, in all that you do, your own well being may get a little lost. Did you ever consider that taking care of yourself benefits your family as well? That's exactly the idea of the mommy makeover. More than ever, mothers have an array of options to reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing and age.

A mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures that help mothers return to their
pre-childbearing, girlish figures. Most commonly, a mommy makeover is performed in one stage and
consists of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and breast enhancement with implants (breast augmentation). However, a mommy makeover can also include other procedures such as a breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) and liposuction of the abdomen, hips, thighs and back. Each mommy makeover is unique and is tailored to your own individual needs.

Dr. Hovsepian will work with you to determine what procedures can get you back to loving your body completely. Every woman’s body is unique, and we provide a wide array of cosmetic surgery options to help you achieve your desired results. These procedures will not only dramatically improve how you look and feel, but the process is easier than you may think. Dr. Hovsepian will personalize your surgical plan using innovative techniques to minimize recovery time. This allows you to achieve beautiful body contour results and return to your life and family quickly.

When performed by an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Hovsepian, a mommy makeover is a highly satisfying and permanent procedure that enhances your profile and silhouette to a younger, firmer, and trimmer look. Utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery and passionate about providing his patients with the best possible care, Dr. Hovsepian uses his artistic talent and surgical skills to meet your body contouring goals. He emphasizes the importance of a comfortable and caring patient experience with a quick healing recovery. Learn more about your mommy makeover options and how Dr. Hovsepian can support you in meeting your body contouring enhancement goals when you request your consultation online or schedule by telephone today.

A Mommy Makeover can:

  • Improve the appearance of breasts that have been stretched by pregnancy and nursing
  • Restore a firm, flat appearance to the abdomen
  • Eliminate isolated areas of fat from the thighs, tummy, hips, and other trouble spots
  • Renew self-confidence and restore a positive self-image

Planning Your Procedure

Every mommy makeover patient seen by Dr. Hovsepian receives a personalized treatment plan because he addresses the unique way in which motherhood affects each woman’s body. He is skilled in body contouring and breast enhancement surgery, and will maximize your improvements while ensuring a natural look. Mommy makeovers usually include a combination of the following procedures:

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Liposuction (Liposculpture)

While body contouring and breast enhancement procedures are popular with many mothers, some women also include a facial procedure like a mini-facelift or eyelid lift. Even non-surgical Botox® Cosmetic can be helpful by treating the fine lines women can develop after spending many sleepless nights staying up with the baby. A mommy makeover enables patient’s to maximize their downtime by combining several procedures with only a single recovery period.

Trusted among patients for his refined aesthetic sense and high standards of surgical accuracy, Dr. Hovsepian has a passion for achieving aesthetically pleasing results for every patient, from "straightforward" cases to some of the most challenging. In your body contouring consultation, he will take into account factors such as past weight fluctuations or multiple pregnancies, and develop a surgical plan customized to your unique needs.

Mommy Makeover Surgery

Before your procedure, Dr. Hovsepian and his skilled team will meet with you to answer any questions you may have, and make sure you understand your procedure and recovery thoroughly. Safety, privacy, comfort, and excellence in treatment with trusting compassionate care is the assurance of Dr. Hovsepian’s patient experience.

Prior to coming into the Beverly Hills or Newport Beach surgery center, you will need to begin fasting 8 hours prior to your procedure, which means you cannot eat or drink anything at all during this period, including chewing gum or drinking water. If you have been instructed by Dr. Hovsepian to take any medications in the morning, this is permitted with a few sips of water.

A mommy makeover is performed under general anesthesia which means you will be asleep and feel nothing during surgery. Expect an overnight stay at a fully accredited surgical center, where a "private duty" nurse is available. The surgery itself generally takes several hours depending on the number of areas focused on during surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

An experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian’s goal is to provide you with the best possible care while utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery to help you reach your mommy makeover goals. Please contact Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills or Newport Beach office to discuss how he can support you in achieving your body contour enhancement goals today. Request your consultation online or schedule by telephone today.